Boruto Episode 72 – Spoiler & Release Date


Boruto Episode 72

Boruto Episode 72: Mitsuki’s Will

Release Date: 06-Sept-2018

Boruto Episode 71 is aired & as discussed this Episode was focused on Mitsuki’s character. It seems that even Mitsuki had a family too. In this episode, we saw how he get’s a dream from the past. We also saw how Oonoki tells Boruto and others that the Strongest stone in the world is within you. Looking at the end of this episode we saw how guards were protecting “AN” & then suddenly someone attacks.

We also saw how Mitsuki gets a letter that he burns it out. There is no doubt that it had something related to his life at “AN”. Having so much suspense about Mitsuki, it is clear that Boruto Episode 72 is going to be epic.

Boruto Episode 72 Spoiler:

In Boruto Episode 72 we will see how we know the secret about Mitsuki & his past. We believe that the one behind the attack is Mitsuki, but to know his past. We will also see how everyone gets to know about Mitsuki & his past.

We will be seeing more insight on what is there in the “AN”. Boruto, Sarada, and others will be more focused on looking to Mitsuki & his will. Knowing the fact that he was alone all this while, everyone will feel bad for him.

This character development episode will be one of the best episodes & the simple reason is Mitsuki.

Release Date:

Boruto Episode 72 will be aired on 06-September on their regular timing. We are not sure if this episode will be an end of the character building, but we are quite sure the Episode 72 will let us know more about Mitsuki’s family and more about his power.