Boruto Episode 71 – Release Date & Expected Spoiler


Boruto Episode 71

Boruto Episode 70:The world’s most hardest stone”

Release Date: 30 August

Status: Aired

Boruto Episode 70, was really an interesting episode. I don’t know if it’s just me or everyone likes Guy Sensai. In this episode, we saw how Rock Lee & Guy Sensai helps Metal Lee to overcome his anxiety issue (As said on our Ep 70 spoiler). Boruto Episode 71 will be out next week, & the episode is titled “The World’s Most Hardest Stone“.

Glims of Episode 70

We see how Rock Lee demonstrates the 8th Gate to Metal & promises to teach him, but as soon as he knows about the pendant he is wearing for his Anxiety, he refuses to teach him & ask him to find his true self. Knowing this, he asks Guy Sensai to help Metal.

By the end of the episode, we see how Rock challenges Metal to fight in the Academy ground. Known this Metal gets nervous & where Guy Sensai tells him to believe in himself. After knowing the fact Metal finally overcomes his Anxiety issue and wins the challenge by defeating Rock Lee.

Note: In Boruto Episode 70, Metal Lee opens his first gate. 

Boruto episode 71 is not going to be any character building but will be about the hardest stone in the world.

So What Can We Expect From Boruto Episode 71?

As shown in the Preview, the episode feature Oonoki -Third Tsuchikage, where we will see him in the Leaf Village just for dumplings. You will see how Oonoki will tell a story of the world hardest stone to Boruto & others. We believe that this story to have some connection in the upcoming episodes.

Apart from Oonoki story, there is something going in the Leaf Village. There is a 5-Kage summit happening in the village. We are expecting that the summit will be about the upcoming danger. It’s quite obvious that they won’t show everything about the summit.

Release Date:

Boruto Episode 71 will be released on 30th August & we believe to see some highlight form the 5 Kage summit. If there is any change in the episode release, then we will update you.

Update: The episode is aired