Boruto Episode 69 Release Date & Spoiler


Boruto Episode 69

Boruto Episode 69 Release Date – 16 August 2018

Boruto Episode 69 Name: Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval 

In the last episode of Boruto 68, we saw how Cho Cho is behaving so differently with everyone. She got indulged in a fight with Mitsuki when she again got interpreted for their first kiss. But, talking about Tomaru, Cho Cho now knows that he hates fat girls & being said that to Cho Cho, we all know that she has got hurt.

Boruto Episode 69 Spoiler:

At the end of Episode 68, we saw there is someone who is passing information to the Ninjas & who is it will be shown in this episode. Talking about the Cho Cho & Tomaru kiss scene it is most probably not going to happen. We might see how Cho Cho let him realize that being fat is not being ugly.

We might see that Tomaru will get kidnaped, where other Boruto & others will be fighting hard to rescue him. As the name suggested “Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval” we might see how Cho-Cho uses the expansion jutsu to save the hero.

We believe the one who has given the ransom to these Ninjas is no one but, Ashina. As we all have seen how desperately he wanted to do this scene, but Cho Cho takes her place instead. (This is just a prediction from our end)

We will also see how Boruto along with Konahamaru and other will go out in hunt of the Kidnapers. Talking about the release date, the episode is expected to be released on 16 August 2018. We would request you to stream through official stream site and save piracy.