Boruto Episode 68 Spoiler


Boruto Episode 67 Review

Boruto Episode 68 Release Date: 9th August 2018

Boruto Episode 68 will be aired tomorrow & we all know that the episode is nothing but a fillers. Similar to Naruto there are building characters. The Episode 68 is all about Cho Cho. The Episode 68 is going to be focused on Cho Cho & her first kiss with the hero. Also we know that they are ninja’s behind the hero.

So what can we expect from Boruto Episode 68?

We will see that how Cho Cho is preparing for her first kiss Also we will see how Boruto & others are investigating on the Ninja’s. It is expected that Cho Cho will be shooting for the scene & by the time the kiss happens the ninja’s will  attack.

With their attack Cho Cho might get pissed and will use her butterfly mode to thrash everyone down. We might also get to know who these Ninjas are and will also will know the connect in the future.

This Episode 68 will not be that intense, but will have some new character introduced who will play a major role in then future Boruto Episodes. We are quite sure that these Ninja is somewhere or the other connected to Otsutsuki clan or are investigating Boruto’s karma.

It is also said that the Episode 69 will be focused more on Metal Lee and Boruto. We might see metal Lee’s character development in the episode after 68.

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