Boruto Episode 68 Release Date


Boruto Epsidoe 68 Release Date

We have just seen Boruto Episode 67 & now we all know that the episode is going to be released soon this next week. Before knowing what is the exact release date, we would first like to discuss our expectation on Boruto Episode 67. If you have any query, you can ask us in the comment below.

Talking about Boruto Episode 68, we might see how nerves Cho Cho will become during her kiss scene. We might also see the Ninjas attacking back & will see our Ninjas getting involved in protecting the hero. In the EP 68, we will see how Cho Cho uses his power to protect the hero, or Cho Cho might lose all of her chakra being in the Butterfly mode.

Release Date for Boruto Episode 67:

According to the official timetable, the episode will be out on 9th April that is the next week. We do believe that we will get to see regular episodes from Boruto for the whole April month.