Boruto Episode 67 – What We Can Expect?


Boruto Episode 67

Boruto Episode 67: “Super Cho Cho Super Mode”

Release Date: August 2nd

After watching Boruto Episode 66, we are quite aware that the current generation does not want to be what their parents are & also, we saw how matured Boruto has become. As said on our previous expectation, Boruto does apologize to everyone & also how he will choose his Ninja way to not become a Hokage but will follow Sasuke’s path.

Talking about the other side of the story, Boruto & Sasuke are quite concerned about the Kama & it’s ability. It seems that Sasuke has already analyzed how worst the situation will get in the future & I guess Naruto is aware too. But talking about Boruto Episode 67, it is not going to talk about anything serious.

Our Expectations: 

We might get to see a few fillers episodes & these episodes will define every individual’s personality & ability. We have seen this kind of drill even in Naruto series. Episode 67 is focused on developing Chocho Akimichi character.

With the teaser, it’s clear that Chocho’s team is going on a mission to guard a handsome Actor & we all know Chocho’s weakness. In this episode, we will see how Chocho becomes self-assured of the Actor noticing him. But, we should also remember the mission they are in.

It is quite obvious that there is some troublesome activity going around the Actor. We might see ninja’s or a gang attacking him, & this is where we will see Chocho’s Super Cho Cho Super Mode.

This was our expectation on what we could see in Boruto Episode 67. If you have some amazing thing to share, feel free to add it in the comment below.