Boruto Episode 67 Review


Boruto Episode 67 Review

Cho Cho seems quite serious about Tomaru. The Episode 67 is already out & this episode has some quite funny moments. In this episode we saw how Cho Cho pretends to be something else in front of Tomaru & Boruto feels himself blessed because he is guarding the actress. After watching Boruto 67, here is my review.

As per our last prediction, this is clearly a filler episode. This episode is nothing but character development. We all see how Cho Cho uses her Butterfly Jutsu (Akimichi Clans Secret Jutsu) & we also see how Mitsuki is training with Orochimaru. We are quite sure that Boruto is also going under some training.

Talking about the main character of this Episode, Cho Cho is getting quite interesting. She is using the butterfly mode to get slim and impress Tomaru.

Talking about Tomaru, he has been getting killing threat messages because of which he goes to Hokage Naruto for protecting, which is why Cho Cho is protecting him. We also see how the Ninjas are attacking the actor, but who these Ninjas are is not yet known.

It is quite obvious that Cho Cho has really impressed Tamaru with her butterfly mode during the battle. In this battle, we see how the actress gets injured and because of which Cho Cho will have to play the main role.

But, there is a small twist. 

In the script, there is a kissing scene where, where Cho Cho gets freaked out. In Episode 68, we are going to see how Cho Cho will play the character and will remember her first Kiss. We might see the ninjas attaching the actor again & the actor will find out Cho Cho’s true form. There are chances that Cho Cho might get hurt.

The official release date of the next episode will be August 9th, but if there is any changes, we will update you on this portal.

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