Boruto Episode 66 – “My Story” What Can We Expect?


Boruto Episode 66

Boruto Episode 66 Release Date: 26th July 2018

After watching the Boruto Episode 65, the excitement of watching Boruto has increased to a new hight & now I am eager to know what exactly is going to happen in Episode 66? At the end of episode 65 we have clearly seen how both Boruto & Naruko understand each other & after this episode, everything will change. So what exactly are we going to see in Boruto Episode 66?

Our Expectations: 

In Episode 66, we are going to see a grown-up Boruto, & how he is going to make his own Ninja way. We will see Boruto apologizing to Shikadai & others for the cheating he has done. Along with this, we could also see Boruto talking to Sasuke for his training and how he wants to be like his Dad, but not a Hokage.

In the Episode trailer, we had also seen Sarada asking Boruto for being Hokage, but he refuses to take that position but has decided to help the village in Sasuke’s way. With this, we can definitely tell that the Boruto Episode 66 is going to more focus on Boruto’s story and his Ninja way.

What we are really excited about is how Sasuke will train Boruto as we know that Sasuke has already spotted that Boruto poses a Tenseigan & the Kama. The real excitement is after this episode as we might see a strong Boruto.

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