Boruto Episode 65 Review – The Best Boruto Episode


If you ask me about my best Boruto episode, then that will be the Episode 65. This episode was quite different than what we have seen in the movie & the animation advancement is comparatively at much higher level. This episode has the best animation, story, & action so far. After seeing this Episode this is my review on Boruto Episode 65.

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My Review: 

Talking about this episode, it is quite obvious that I will be comparing it with the movie. The transformation of  Momoshiki Otsutsuki looks quite dope in the episode. At the initials of the fight, we see how Momoshiki takes down all 5 Kages in just a few minutes & then Naruto &, Sasuke. Being the Heroes it really does not look good to get down so easily, as a fact both Naruto & Sasuke gets serious with their ultimate forms.

Since then we see the ultimate battle between Naruto & Sasuke, where both of them takes Momoshiki down. But, we should not forget about the scientist and his ninja tool. By the time the battel gets over we see them intruding the battle attacking the Otsutsuki & this is where the battle takes the turn. With the ninja tool attack, Momoshiki absorbs all the chakra & then everyone gets into trouble.

In the movie, we have seen how Sasuke get through Momoshiki’s attack, but in the episode, it’s not the same. In the episode, you will see how Sasuke also becomes the victim of the shadow possession Jutsu. By the time Momoshiki makes his final attack, we see Boruto throwing his Rasengan towards Momoshiki, which attacks him with his disappearing nature.

After this, the whole attack pattern is the same as the movie, where Naruto gives Boruto a hand for a huge Rasengan to attack Momoshiki. But, there is one difference, which we haven’t seen in the movie, but is there in the manga. When Boruto kills Momoshiki, we see how Boruto activates his Tenseigan. In the end, when he kills Momoshiki, we see how Momoshiki gives Boruto the Kama curse as a gift for killing the God.

What Can We Expect In The Upcoming Episodes?

Few upcoming Boruto Episodes will be a filler where we will see Boruto’s Ninja Way and then some more. But with this episode, it is quite clear that Sasuke has got some hint on Boruto’s Tenseigan & being his teacher we might see Sasuke training him to use his powers.