Boruto Episode 63 Delayed A Week & Will Be Aired On 28th June


Boruto Episode 63 Release Date We already know what’s going to happen on Boruto Episode 63 & if you are not aware of it then you must read the Ep63 Spoiler. If you all are waiting for the Episode 63 to be aired on 21st June, then this news might disappoint you. According to the recent update, Boruto Episode 63 is going to be a week delayed and will be aired on 28th June 2018.

The delay has been made as the team is working on the anime & being an episode full of action, it is quite obvious that animating the fighting scenes definitely consume a lot of time.

So the Boruto Episode 63 will be announced on 28th June on their regular timings. Also there are few thing that need to be discussed is that Urashiki Otsutsuki is still one mysterious Otsutsuki member & we might see his appearance at the end of the fight (Doesn’t matter in which episode it will be).

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