Boruto Episode 55 Spoiler


In episode 54 of Boruto, we get to see Sasuke and Botuto together in which Boruto was trying to convince Sasuke to become his teacher. We all know Boruto is inspired by Sasuke and he can do anything to become like him. The Evil Scientist takes the advantage and hands his unauthorized scientific ninja tool to Boruto. Now if you have watched the movie, you would have to know the significance of this scientific ninja tool. But I do have to know what is going to happen in the next episode of Boruto. So, if you want to read Boruto Episode 55 Spoilers, you can continue reading otherwise SPOILERS AHEAD.The next episode is going to focus on the Chunin Exam. After getting Sasuke as his teacher, Boruto decided to enter in the Chunin exam. Initially, he doesn’t want to do that but then later when he gets his hands on the scientific ninja tool he wants to show his dad and Sasuke that he is strong. To show his dad that he is better than he was at his age he is going to use the Scientific Ninja Tool. Other than that the Jinchuriki killer bee is going to get attacked by Momoshiki. Seeing all this is going to be pretty fun.

The episode 55 is going to air on this original time which is every Wednesday. I know we have to wait but till then enjoy your visit with us and read cool and amazing anime and tech news.