Boruto Episode 55 review


Episode 55 the final episode of the series that is aired on Wednesday is finally out. The next episode is going to be aired on Thursday of every week. So, I’ve watched the episode it was amazing and here is my Boruto Episode 55 review.

My Review
So in this episode of Boruto, everyone is preparing for the chunin exam which is going to happen on the next day. So all the teams that are participated in the chunin exam were preparing for the exam. Not just them but we also get to see the teams from sand village. It was for a very small time, but we get to see what other characters are going to be there for the Chunin exam.Other than the teams we also introduced to a new character from Otsutsuki Clan. The name is not mentioned yet, but we get to see this Otsutsuki clan member making reference to the movie. Yes, there was nothing in the movie regarding this new Otsutsuki clan member, but he was there, they didn’t showed him due to time constraint.
Now when Boruto is available in the TV format the creators are expanding their ideas and showing what they wanted to show in the movie. I’m excited to see what this new character is going to do in the Chunin Exam. Judging from this episode alone the personality of this new character seems to be very different than the two other Otsutsuki members that we have seen so far in the Boruto Universe. Also, this new character seems to be working alone and not with Momoshiki and Kinshiki. Talking about the two Otsutsuki, both Kinshiki and Momoshiki took advantage of time and attacked the 8-tailed beast Killer Bee. They defeated the Killer Bea and took his chakra away. They are doing so to collect a massive amount of Chakra for future motives. Now the new Otsutsuki member was not there with the Momoshiki and Kinshiki while they were absorbing the charka from Killer Bee. This makes it clear that this new Otsutsuki member is different from other two.With all the Chakra being removed from the body of Killer Bee the Jinchuriki residing inside him was cut off from all the other tailed beasts. For a part, we saw Gaka at the train station where he heard the voice of Shukaku, his Jinchuriki. Now they have not talked for a while now and now hearing his voice makes things interesting. So basically he was telling Gara that Killer Bee seems to be disconnected from the connection of Jinchuriki.

In the next episode, we are going to see Naruto hearing from his Jinhuriki that Killer Bee is disconnected. But with the Chunin Exams, he might have to ignore this, and that is when things will take a new turn.

Altogether the episode was pretty fun, and I like the story so far. With hearing about all the teams, Otsuski and hearing the voice of Jinchuriki things went interesting to see in the next episode.