Boruto Episode 54 review


Okay, so the battle that I expected in the last episode did happen in today’s episode 54. So, I’ve watched the 54 episode of Boruto and here is my Boruto Episode 54 review.

My Review
Now before I start with my review let me tell you that the Boruto’s timeslot has been changed to Thursday after the release of next episode. This means no Boruto episode review on Wednesday after the release of next weeks episode. The episode started from where it left in the last episode which was Boruto and Sasuke’s introduction. After that in the first half when Sasuke went to the Hokage’s Office to see Naruto was just like we see in the movie.

Though the best part came after that when Sasuke tells Naruto about the Kaguya from Otsutski clan. They showed a little fight scene between Sasuke and Kenshiki. I was expecting to see this fight scene in the last episode, but it didn’t happen. The fight scene does seem similar to the fight in the movie, but I’m sure that they didn’t just copy pasted the fight from the movie. As the animation looked a little different. So about the fight, as I already discussed about this fight in the Boruto Episode 52. Sasuke won’t be at his 100% during this fight as the time-space jutsu of his takes a lot of his Chakra.

The fight was not very big, and because Sasuke is not at his 100%, he escapes from the battle with the scroll that is containing the secret of Kaguya Otustuski.

In the second half which not very much interesting as I’ve already seen all that in the movie. Boruto asked Sasuke to become his teacher. Sasuke asked him if he can make Rasengan or not and that’s how Boruto get serious. Baruto is different from Naruto, and we all know that he will be following Sasuke’s footprint. Baruto learned the Rasengan by doing hard work and with the help of Konohamaru.

Though he is still unable to make a proper Rasengan and just to impress Sasuke, he cheated and used the ninja tool which is not authorized to use. We know that ninja tool plays a role in this chunin exam arc.

Other than that the episode was fun, I’m still excited to see what will happen in the next episode. I mean I know what is going to happen, but anime is showing us the other side of the story more. Episode 55 will be airing next week on Wednesday and it’ll be the last episode airing on Wednesday.