Boruto Episode 53 review


Wait a minute.. I need a second because the recent episode of Boruto is so damn amazing. It was all predicted but not in this way. I’ve just watched the Boruto Episode 53 and here is my Boruto Episode 53 review.

My Review
Well, the starting of the episode 53 is just amazing. It was not what I expected, and I was surprised a little. The first scene of the movie portrays someone new of the Ötsutsuki clan. Now what this means is that the Naruto: The Last Movie had an impact on the Chunin exams. We already know that about Boruto Movie. We know that he Boruto movie is what going to play a significant role in this arc but with that Naruto, the last movie is also going to make reference in this arc of Boruto. If you haven’t watched “Naruto the last movie” than I will recommend you to watch it first.The Encounter between Toneri Otsutsuki and the other Otsutsuki (villains of this arc). During their confront the other Otsutsuki impression the Toneir Otsutsuki by freezing him for 10,000 years. That was not the only focus of the episode as later we see Katatsuki asking Naruto to let students use his Scientific ninja tool.

Naruto rejected his proposal as Chunin Exam is not about performance, it’s about one’s will to improve, to train themselves to become strong and using the Scientific Ninja tool would be just as same as cheating. Later after getting the rejection when Katatsuki went back to its lab, he was upset, and he was attacked by the Otsutsuki member. They will manipulate his mind and will use him as a pawn in this arc.Now my favorite part is the last part but before this let me tell you what has happened. Earlier in the past, Baruto made Naruto to give a promise. According to which Naruto has to be at home with his family on Himawari’s Birthday. Well, Naruto was there he kept his promise, but later it came out to be a shadow clone. The scene was same as it was in the Boruto movie. But this time it was more clear, and I think Naruto was there at the start. I mean he was physically there to greet Himawari Happy Birthday. But with the cake scene, Naruto has to get somewhere, and the shadow clone replaced him.To prove the fact, the window of Naruto’s room was open and door too. He might have rushed out to somewhere. The emotions were also more clear in this part of the anime. The scene was quite same as it was in Boruto movie but this time emotion looks more real. Those emotions described why Boruto is the way he is. He is sicked of hearing that Naruto is great, but in his mind, Naruto can’t even keep a promise to his family.

In the end, we saw Sasuke and the scene where Boruto sees Sasuke. It was same as it was in Movie but the animation was better. We know things are going to get to another level now and I’m very excited about this particular arc. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode.