Boruto Episode 52 – “Sasuke’s Shadow” Spoiler


The last episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, episode 51 was very emotional. Showcasing the relationship of a father and son, at the end of the episode Team 7 got a new mission to catch the train robbers. We get to see White Zetsu and Otsutsuki signs also. The ending made me curious to know what’ll happen next. So, here I have Boruto Episode 52 Spoiler.


Boruto Episode 52 Spoiler

At the end of the last episode Team 7 finds out that all the robbers are dead and the one who is alive, surrendered himself. He is sacred of his life as his friends got killed by a White monster. Later when team 7 enters the abandoned mine, they found that the White monster is White Zetsu. For those who don’t know White Zetsu is a biological weapon created by Kaguya Otsutsuki against Kishiki and Momoshiki. And the field, abandoned mining field is a historic place belonged to the Otsutsuki clan.

So now the episode 52 is titled as “Sasuke’s Shadow”. From the title, we can predict that Sasuke is going to make his appearance in the next episode or few upcoming episodes. Surely this will attract a lot of attention from the fan’s as it’s been very long since we see him.

This episode is the beginning of something interesting, with episode 52 the Momoshiki arc will also begin. As Sasuke is collecting clues on Otsutski clan, he will be present in the abandoned mine. Boruto series is finally getting excited, and I can’t wait for the next episode.

As we can see that the White Zetsu having glowing eyes, which also make me think that he might be under some genjutsu. Also we see signs of Kaguya, which means there are signs that we could see Otsutsuki clan appearing & this might be when the war begins. This is also a close hint that the episode is going to an end soon, but we don’t know till when it will extend.

Starting from Boruto Episode 52 there is going to be a huge mystery & we have to wait to see if the spoiler is really going to be true, until Wednesday.