Boruto Episode 52 review


After showing us the little hint on White Zutsu and Otsuki clan the episode 52 came out today to uncover all the mystery that we were having since the last episode. Boruto Episode 52 came pout today and here is my Boruto Episode 52 review.

My Review
I’m not sure what it was exactly, but I’m disappointed by the animation of starting few seconds. Either they are grainy or pixelated, colours were not seems to be like what we see in every episode. I think it was just bad quality animation. Other than animation the starting was just fine, but the animation did disappoint me a little bit. No matter if you steam in 1080p or 480 it looks just the same for first few seconds. I know most of won’t even recognize, but as beginning a reviewer I’m just trying to bring out all the good and the bad about this episode of Boruto.

Just like in the last week episode the ending of this episode was also amazing. Before I get to the ending, let me begin from the start. So the episode started from where it left off, Team 7 faces a White Zutsu for the first time and realizing that he is way powerful than they have imagined. During their first encounter, Boruto used the tool from the mad scientist that made the White Zutsu ran away.Konohamru ordered them to retreat to the village and report about the situation while he himself will stay there to make sure White Zutsu won’t run off from here. During this, they also get to know about the relics of Otsuki.

Later in the episode team 7 didn’t retreat and stayed together to hunt and fight with the Zutsu. Konohamura explained the strategy to the team, and the fight started with Sarada’s Sharingan and Boruto’s shadow clones they began to make Zutsu tired. It was working, but Boruto did something reckless. He thought that he could take White Zutsu alone and attacked with his best attack, but it didn’t work. He is not that strong and caught himself caged under the hand of Zutsu.Mitsuki helped Boruto and Konahamuru finished the battle with his Rasengan. Boruto acted like a vulnerability to the team due to his restlessness. Later they went further inside the mine to see if there are other Zutsu or not. And what they found was amazing, they see the cocoon in which Zutsu’s were created but they also find the Amaterasu, flame that Sasuke uses. Amaterasu is the highest level of fire release and it can burn anything completely.

The episode was titled as the Sasuke’s shadow, I was expecting him making his appearance but what we get to see is just his fire destroying a dozen of other Zutsu’s. After hearing about Sasuke’s achievement from Konahamaru, Boruto gets motivated, and we know Sasuke is going to be the idol of Boruto. Seeing it was nice, I enjoyed it.

The episode was amazing, and I can assure that this complete Momoshiki arc is going be the same way. That’s with the Boruto Episode 52 review. Stay connected with us for more cool and amazing anime related stuff.