Boruto Episode 51 Review


WOOH! What an episode, it was amazing. Boruto episode 51 just came out, and it was a perfect episode. I enjoyed it and here is my Boruto Episode51 review.My Review
The episode was focusing on the father and son relationship in this episode. They were showing the dynamics of the Boruto and Naruto. And the good news is that this father and son relationship is going to continue throughout this arc. It’s a good thing as in the movie itself the entire story was based on the relationship and bond of father and son.

Other than that the episode gave us a little information on Otsutsuki clan. The Otsutsuki Clan seems to be active in this episode. If not then it was evident from what we have seen. As we get to see some of the ruins with engraved Otsutsuki sign’s also the introduction to White Zetsu.If you remember White Zetsu was kind of disappeared at the end of Naruto series, but now he came back in Baruto series. This episode gave the reference to future episodes. For example, ruins carry Otsutsuki signs showed that something very interesting is waiting ahead. Knowing about White Zetsu making his appearance back made me wonder if we are going to see Black Zetsu as well. Not just this but the Mad Scientist gave Boruto another Scientific Ninja Tool to Boruto which seems to be stayed unknown for now. All these things combined, assured that something really interesting is about to happen in the series soon. Katatsuki (the Mad Scientist) seems to be a manipulative man, what he is doing is surely for his own benefit.

Boruto want’s to get recognized by something other than the title of Hokage’s Son. Katatsuki is going to use it to his advantage and might play the main role in Chunnin exam. He was trying to act like a grown-up, like an adult. But at the end of the episode, it’s clear Boruto is still a kid. Baruto is surely matured regarding his talent and but in other sense, he still has to grow up. He is learning though, with every episode there is some character development in Boruto.

So that’s it for this episode review.