Boruto Episode 50 review


Episode 50 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is out now. One of the most pointless episode. Let me just start with my Boruto Episode 50 review.

My Review

So the episode started with the recap, and I can not believe that they showed us the recap for at least 15 minutes. No backstory, no character story just recap. Not just this but the last four or five minutes were showcasing teachers like Konohamaru, Shino, Udon and Hanabi all getting drunk at a bar. Believe me, that was all this episode had to offer us.

Fifteen minutes of the starting was the straight recap. Then we get to the scene where we were extolling how Boruto is so powerful and how he surpassed his dad the 4th Hokage in the future. After praising Boruto’s power and how great he will become in the future. Then comes the part describing the other characters powers in detail. We get to know about Iwabe and Metal Lee. We reach to the last scene of the episode which was portraying drunk teachers in the bar.

Well, my favorite part was seeing Hanabi getting drunk. Other than that there was no need to recapping everything. I know we are in episode 50 and chunin exam arc is about to come. But we already knew about all the characters, and we don’t need the recap of fifteen minutes.There was nothing much to talk about in the episode but hopefully in the next episode we will get to see our characters getting one step closer to being a chunin.

Though, what I believe is that the next episode is going to dedicated to Boruto’s birthday. Well, that’s was it with the episode 50 of Boruto.