Boruto Episode 49 is out now, I’ve watched the episode, and I didn’t really enjoy the episode, but it was’t that bad. So here is my Boruto Episode 49 review.

My Review

First I’ll be covering all the positives of the episodes as there were not many in this episode. So the first good thing that I saw in today’s episode was the conversation between Sai and Hanami, their conversation felt very realistic and liked that part. The second thing that I liked was the mystery that they created in the starting of the episode. I was asking the question to myself like who is dead and why did he/she released the animal. This mystery surely made me curious for the next episode.

The episode was the adversest episode of Boruto and I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that. I don’t think that this episode was actually needed in this episode. The thing is that the episodes after the end of Byakuya Gang arc are used for the screening of other characters of the series. These episodes were trying to teach them how to become a better shinobi, showing them the importance of teamwork. As the kids of this series become genin they are not going to send off on a big mission right away. Starting with the academic mission they have to make their way to become best to earn the advanced mission.

In this episode, these kids were doing the small missions, for example, Sumire’s team sent off to bring back the Zoo animals who ran from the zoo. There was nothing important in this episode it was just about Sumire, Namida, and Wasabi learning about teamwork. They are not good while working in a team as we saw in this episode. So this episode was just to teach them how to work in a team. As if they can’t work together now, then how they are supposed to work other advanced missions.

There was not much to talk about in this episode but the last thing that I liked about this episode was when all the three girls finally learned to work in a team. With their teamwork, they took down a big Wolf. So, that’s it with the Episode 49 review of Boruto.