Boruto Episode 48 review


The last episode of Boruto was the end of Byakuya Gang arc. The latest episode 48 is out now with a new arc. I have already watched it and here is my Boruto Episode 48 review.

My Review

The episode was focusing team 7 in the entire episode. We get to see the scenes of Naruto as well, and in whole, it was a good episode.
During the end of the previous arc, Iwbai got Metal injured because he didn’t follow the order of his sensei. In the start of episode 48, he seems to be upset because of the thing that he did earlier

With the end of Byakuya gang arc, finally, the chunin exam arc is started as Naruto declared in the starting of the episode that this year chunin exams would be held in the leaf village.

After hearing the news of chunin exam, he got excited, but team five was suspended because of Iwabae’s action. Luckily, Naruto cleared their suspension by giving team 5 a special assignment.

He gave them the assignment to feature in a documentary that will be made for the chunin exam. The main reason for this documentary was to encourage people to become Ninja. As the list of applicants for chunin is getting less every year.

The episode was not really about the chunin exam. Instead, it was more like a filler episode that is used for the character development of the characters who didn’t get enough screen time yet. Other than Iwabai, Denki, and Metal Lee we also get to see Udon more on the screen in this episode of Bruto.
In the past, Udon was a boy with a dripping nose. Now seeing him as an adult, I didn’t recognize him until they revealed it in this episode of Boruto.

The episode was told that being a Shinobi is not about cool; determination plays a vital role in being a Shinobi. As with your determination you can always achieve your goals.

We all know how many times Iwabai flunked in school, but just because of his determination to become a Shinobi he gets to this point. The village needs guys like Iwabe in the Ninja academy who are determinant and want’s to be a ninja.Naruto chose team 5 for this documentary mission because he knew about Iwabe and he gets impressed by his determination. Naruto wants the village to get motivated with he determination. TO make Iwabe feel better Naruto told him about his old time. He told Iwabe that he was a loser in old time and he didn’t pass the exam in single attempt.

The episode was good, the message was very clear and the story was portrayed in a good way as well.