Boruto Episode 47 review


Boruto episode 47 is out now. In the last episode, we saw the leader of Byakuya Gand steal the storage device that holds all the ninjutsu available in the world. We also saw the previous episode that the leader of the Byakuya gang is controlling everyone by using genjustsu. Now here is my Boruto Episode 47 review.

My review
The episode started from where it left in the last episode. Boruto and Shikadai both were falling the Ryoig and the leader of the Byakuya gang. Boruto and Shikadai were able to catch them, but Boruto caught up in the genjutsu that was casted by Ryogi. With this, we get to see the concept of genjutsu, and we get to know that Ryogi itself is under genjutsu that is casted by Gekko.

Before seeing the Shikadai VS Ryogi, first there was a little fight between Boruto and Shikadai. As Boruto was under genjutsu, he thought Shikadai is one of the bad guys.

Later Shikadai battled Ryogi to release him from the genjutsu. In between this Boruto was fallowing Gekko but he got fooled, and Gekko was managed to escape with the storage device.

Ryogi was growing strong under the genjutsu, and there was nothing that Shikadai can do. He got injured as well. But thanks to Boruto wind style and his special technique by which he can throw humans like a cannonball. As Shikadai has to get in touch with Ryogi to release him from the genjutsu and with the help of Boruto’s wind style it gets possible. Apparently, Gekko rewrote the memory of Ryogi and Gekko was the person who actually killed his mom and dad.As I mentioned earlier Gekko was able to escape and there was no chance Boruto and Shikadai can get to him now. But if you read my last Boruto related post, I’ve described why and when Naruto will make his appearance. Well, I wasn’t completely right, but yes Naruto did make his appearance in the episode. He came like lightning and went up straight to stop the Gekko. He barely makes an appearance of few seconds, and that’s it. But whatever seeing the Naruto in action or in this case any other original character in action seems so pleasing.

With this, the Byakuya Gang arc comes to an end. Both Ryogi and Gekko are in the precision. Let see what comes next in the Boruto series.