What’s up everyone, episode 46 of but is out now, and I’ve watched it. Starting from where they left in the last episode, this episode is more like a filler episode. For those who are waiting here is my Boruto Episode 46 review.

My Review

So the episode was started from where they left in the last episode. It was an enjoyable episode, though it was not as good as the previous week’s episode. But still it is a good episode, Episode 46 is focused on the story more than the action scenes. If you have any complaint about this then let me tell you it is not the Naruto series, Boruto is following its own story and action is not necessary for the every episode.

The story and the way they are describing everything is the best part about this Byakuya gang arc. So, the episode actually started with the team five at the police station looking into the face of Kotaru the head of Leaf Village Police Department. The head of Police Department was telling them that with all the protestors, the police department needs the help of all the genin to distract or calm the protestors. With that, all the genin’s are given a spot to go and look over the Byakuya Gang and the situation from there.

Though Shikadai realizes that the way protesters are placed seems similar to a game that he had played with Ryogi. Then he remembers that Ryogi always said that he falls for his Decoy. After that, he realizes that the building that they are trying to protect is not the real target of the Byakuya gang. Instead, the members of Byakuya Gang will be targeting Katasuki’s Ninja Weaponry Lab.

After knowing about the real target Shikadai ran towards the lab, Boruto and others followed him. But by the time they reach there, all the valuable things were gone. The most valuable this was the storage device that holds all the form of in jutsus’ and scroll.

We will see genin trying to catch Byakuya Gang to retrieve the Storage device in the upcoming episodes. Late in the episode, Shikadai and Boruto and the others found the thieves. They start a battle with them, and this will be the only battel that you will see in the episode. While Chogi and Inojin fight with the Byakuya Gang. Boruto and Shikadai went after Ryogi and Geeko as they were trying to escape. We also get to know about the seal that we see on the arm of Geeko and several other civilians. There are several theories about it, and I think that the seal is used to cast the genjutsu over the civilians. Also, it feels like Keko is not doing all this just for the sake of civilians, but there is an alternative motive behind all that he is doing.

The episode was enjoyable, and I had fun watching it. Let see what they have got for us in the next episode. Till then stay tuned to the GeekSnipper for more amazing, anime related stuff.