What’s up everyone I’m back with another Boruto episode review. The episode 45 is out now, I’ve watched it and here is my Boruto Episode 45 review.

My Review
There is no doubt that this series is getting better and better with each episode. The arc is still going on, but I can say till now it is the best episode of this Byakuya Gang arc. So about the episode, Ryogi was the main center of this episode. We saw Ryogi’s backstory in the episode and man it was dark. I knew his backstory is going to be dark, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so dark. So Ryogi’s parents were getting murdered by some rich man. Murder of his parents make Ryogi’s backstory very tragic. Ryogi witnessed his parents being murdered and that must have destroyed his innocence and there is no doubt he won’t kill.

There is a thing about this kind of tragic stories; they tend to attract the attention of viewers. Particularly there was a scene in which Ryogi tried to warn her mother by saying “Mother, behind you” and suddenly her throat gets cut and the blood splattered on his face. That scene was just insanely dark.

After seeing this episode, I get to know more about Byakuya Gang. Before this episode, I used to think that wrong about Byakuya Gang. But know this episode created some kind of conflict, confusion in my head as I now believe they are not that bad. Not just me but all the main three characters of the series are also made their mind. Boruto is completely against of the things Byakuya Gang, while Ryogi thinks that everything that he is doing is doing for the good cause. Though Shikadai thinks that their cause is better, but the way they are doing is not exactly the right.

Byakuya Gang Arc is showing us the best story of the Boruto till now. There are some things like animation that are not so good. There are parts where the animation doesn’t look that great and it kind of a problem with the Boruto series since the start.