Boruto Episode 44 spoiler


SPOILER Alert!!!!

What’s up everyone, MaskMan is back with another Boruto spoiler. If you watched Boruto episode 43  and wanted to know what will happen in the next episode of Boruto. Here I’m with Boruto Episode 44 spoiler.

So the last episode of Boruto was focused on the new group of robbers. This group of robbers is known as “Byakuyadan”. These are not these robbers are not some conventional robber, but they are more like a Robin Hood. They stole from the rich and distributed it among the weak and poor. We sawBoruto and his friends trying to chase down these robbers.

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We will see the Byakuyadan becoming more active and with this other Genin getting involved in the case. Though, it has an unfavorable effect. (Tramadol) The episode 44 of Boruto will be focusing on Shikadai Nara. Other than that the White Night Group has apparently got entangled with the Genin and resulted by causing harm to the Genin.

Seeing Shikadai getting his own personal episode it feels good. As now we will be able to see others on the screen more before the start of Momoshiki arc. Just one more day to see all this in action. I know it’s hard to wait.