What’s up everyone I’m back with another episode review. Boruto Episode 43 was aired yesterday. I know I’m late but here is my Boruto Episode 43 review.

My Review

The title of this episode is “The Byakuya Gang Surfaces.” The last episode was a distraction to something new that we see in this episode (episode 43). We have introduced to a new character in this episode, don’t know his name just yet. He is a thief who is stealing from very rich people and then help the poor by giving them resources such as food and money that he stole from the rich people. He certainly seems like a Vilain, but this act of kindness that he showed created a moral dilemma to me.

Maybe, and maybe, I’m not sure, but perhaps this guy will become a help to the Boruto and his team. There is no chance for this happening right now. I’m not the only confused because of that individual’s act of kindness but Boruto himself thinking whether the guy is wrong or right. Stealing is stealing no matter what, bad is bad it doesn’t depend on your motive.

You can say we see Robin Hood in this episode of Boruto. This episode was focused on the moral dilemma that we can debate on. I liked it, liked their way of portraying it as well. Other than Boruto and his dilemma we also get to see a lot of Shikadai. He was coming up with various strategies that his father told him. This mini-arc is different from what we see in the last few episode.

I’m curious about this thief, a Nobel thief. He kind of thinks himself as the pawn to the society. There is a scene in the episode where Nobel thief asked Shikadai that what’s the role of his dad and he said that his dad is an aid to the Hokage. This episode was portraying the kings and the pawn sort of theme which is nice when you watched it.

The episode was made for the introduction to the Nobel thief. We are getting closer to the chunin exam, and I can bet things are going to heat up. I’m super excited, and I hope you all are too.