Okay so after seeing a high-rank mission, packed with some good action in the previous episode. The series gets back to normal as the cat catching missions are back. Episode 42 of Boruto was aired today and here is my Boruto Episode 42 review.

My Review
There is no doubt that episode 41 was a good episode that showed some nice action and the teamwork of the team 7. In this episode, the action came down a notch as the mission was completed the last episode itself. In this episode, the old, original cat catching mission was back, and team 7 was working on it at the start of the episode.

We know Boruto and his recklessness, he doesn’t want to sell with all these low-rank missions. He wants something hard and challenging, something that will bring him to the spotlight. Though the thing that he didn’t understand is that they live in a peaceful society and the missions like their first mission are very rare. Komohamaru tried to explain this logic to Boruto. If you ask me about the episode, I would simply say it was a good episode. There was no action for sure but the cat catching part was also just at the beginning of the episode. After that team 7 gets a new mission of Bank robbery, sounds fun right but it was not that fun for Boruto when he reached at the location. The mission might not be that great but the story, the message they want to deliver was very clear, and it was also helping the Boruto’s character development.

So the robber was not a real robber, he was just a video game programer who was fired from his job on the basis of the false allegation. He was hopeless, and that’s why he decided to blow-up himself (which didn’t happen, obviously). The robber was a sweet guy, he can’t rob a bank or even hurt himself. The task of team 7 was to work as a negotiator and talk out the gut from killing himself.

The episode was trying to show that everyone wants the appreciation. When Boruto told him that he the fan of his game the robber felt happy and his hope to live came back. Similarly, after the completion of the mission, the captain of the police team appreciated Boruto’s work and thanked him.

I enjoyed the episode, and I enjoyed how they are developing Boruto’s character with every upcoming episode. I’m not seeing any other action-packed episode coming for a while now but let’s hope for good and wait for the other episode.