Yesterday no Boruto episode was released, I knew that there will be no new episode this week. I was very upset and I know many of you are also waiting desperately for Boruto and other animes to air soon. Don’t worry I got you covered, here I’ve Boruto Episode 40 spoiler for you.

What to expect next?

Let’s start with a simple, nice and old fashion Spoiler alert message. SO for those who don’t like spoilers or don’t want to know what is going to happen in episode 40 of Boruto. I recommend you not to read after this line, “SPOILER ALERT”.

With that being done let’s start, so in the last episode we saw some really cool things, like Mitsuki’s sage mode, Sarada asking Naruto to gave them the Team 7 title. We knew about Boruto and his abilities, Sarada, and her Sharingan now we also know about Mitsuki and his sage mode. All this was necessary to describe all the members of team 7. So, it is obvious that in episode 40 of Boruto we will be seeing team 7 on their first mission. For the fact, Konohamaru Sarutobi is the head of their team. Seeing Konohamaru Sarutobi all the time will bring all the old memories of his and Naruto.

Helping a village from bandits is going to be their first mission, it will be a simple episode. But there will an entry of a possible new character named Kiri and you might have seen her in the preview of episode 40 as well. Kiri is the daughter of the Village head who is no more, so Kiri has taken up his father’s place to manage and protect the village.

The thing I’m most excited about is that we have seen the abilities of all the three members of the team 7 but the abilities of team 7 head are yet to be displayed. In episode 40 we might also see some good amount of action from Komohamaru.

The main story of Chūnin Exams Arc which is also known as Momoshiki Arc will start somewhere in spring 2018. Till then we will see Team 7 developing their skills and characters which is good in terms of story building.

It is bad we have to wait for another week to see all this but now at least we know what to expect from the Boruto Episode 40.