We are here, I’ve just watched the 40th episode of Boruto and we are finally here everything was just like what I described in my last Boruto Episode 40 Spoiler. And the thing that I want to say is that it just took 40 episode to showcase the first mission of our main characters. So now for those who are waiting here is my Boruto Episode 40 review.

My Review

It took 40 episodes and we finally reached here, our main characters are growing strong and finally, they are no their first mission. It took them so long and I didn’t like it. But there is a good thing too, the first mission team 7 introduced to is not a simple mission, it was not a low-rank mission like the one Naruto and his team get in the original series. This new team 7 started with a D rank mission which later in the episode turns out to be a B rank mission. At least this is interesting.

Don’t know how long this mission is going to take but it is good that their first mission is not a flop show. So they sent to the neighboring village which is been attacked by the bandits. We saw someone gets stabbed in this episode. I don’t know if he is alive or not but this surely means that something is going to happen next, something really interesting.
you think it is going to be a really amazing mission than I think it is not, as it is just their first mission. But it is certain that there will be some good action-packed scenes lined up for us in future.

There was nothing much to talk about this episode but there is one thing that I wanted to mention is that if you compare their mission to what Naruto and his team get as their first mission. I would say Boruto and his team is very lucky because in the original series Naruto and his team have to wait so long for a real mission.

Now we have to wait until the Boruto episode 41 to see the action and fight. Hope for good