Okay so no episode this week, After watching episode 39 I get to know there will be no episode this week. I mean why it’s not a good way to create suspense. We are already hooked on the series and you don’t have to take unnecessary pause to make sure everyone waits for the series desperately. Episode 39 of the Boruto is a dope episode. I know I’m late but still here is Boruto Episode 39 review.

My Review

To be honest I knew that it was coming but still what I know and what I saw were totally mind Blowing. For all who have read the manga know that Mitsuki is soon going to unleash his Snake sage mode. But to see it in animation was really amazing. This entire episode was based on Mitsuki’s backstory. He is Orochimaru’s child (artificial but still he is Orochimaru’s son). Mitsuki is not a normal kid he is stronger than many of his age. Just like the father just like a son, I wanted to use this term but for now, it only suited to the part where we decide to talk about his powers.

Mitsuki poses the power of Snake Sage, we didn’t see it much from what we have seen, it sure looks amazing. Orochimaru planed some trap like things for him to break and choose his own path. That’s where we see Mitsuki going on a memory retrieving mission with Orochimaru. Mitsuki is an artificial ninja but he chooses his own path, he is like the moon who illuminates the dark night. Mitsuki is looking for his sun to follow, Boruto is his sun and he want’s to be with him. Mitsuki chooses his own path and that what makes him real and not artificial. In the end, Mitsuki said he trusts both of them (Boruto and Sarada). That shows they are going to be a very strong team in future.

Other than that seeing Orochimaru fighting for good made me feel good. Previously in the original series Naruto he was not a good guy but now he is changed at least for now. The whole episode was dedicated to Mitsuki’s backstory. The way they describe it and proves that he chooses his own path was really good. No episode this week and we have to wait, I can’t wait though.