What’s up everyone, I know I’m pretty late but black cloud named “Exams” was hovering over my head so it got super hard for me to contact anyone of you. It’s over now, the black cloud named “Exams is far gone. I know you all must know what happened in episode 38 of Boruto but let me tell you everything in my style. So here is my Boruto Episode 38 review.

My Review

It just took 30 episodes for this series to reach the point where all of its fans want it to be. To be honest episode 38 was a very enjoying episode. After watching this I can say we are finally heading towards the expanding Boruto movie in anime series. Masashi Kimimoto is actually paying a close attention to this series. Boruto anime is going to be like the Boruto movie with some extra material that Masashi Kimimoto actually planned for the movie but because of the less screen time, he was unable to show all the other stuff. Now with the anime, there is no time constrained and we will be finally seeing some extra material that was planned to showcase in the movie.

Okay, let’s talk about this episode now. Just like the movie we get to see the teams in the same manner. Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki are on one team then we have Evabe, Denky and Metal lee on another team. They are basically going to stay like this on the same team for their entire life. We all must love the direction of this series but other than that I noticed slight character changes as well. Like if you noticed some of the individuals were wearing a different outfit than what they used to wear before. Also, the one thing that I like the most in their direction is that they continue giving nostalgic feeling by creating scenes somewhat similar like that in the orignal Naruto series.

I’m a very big fan of Naruto and you all must have known it because I’ve screamed it so many times in my post. So for me seeing all those scenes are just something I wanted to see. For example in original Naruto series, After them becoming Genin, Naruto and Sasuke accidentally kissed, it was not on purpose, neither one of them actually wanted that but for comedic purposes, the creator decided to do so. Now in Boruto, the same thing happened when Boruto about to kiss Sarada accidently though the kiss didn’t happen as Sarada blocked Boruto by her foot.

I don’t know what gives you chills, but seeing Mirai Sarutobi daughter of Asuma Sarutobi was the scene that gave me chills. Even when I’m writing this, I’m getting goosebumps. Now if you remember Asuma died in the Naruto series and it was one of the saddest moment of the series. But now seeing Mira using her mother’s blade fighting Baruto and Sarada and Mitsuki, seeing Mira doing all the cool stuff with those blades of her mother just like her mother do I, kind of gave me a warm feeling. These small things are actually the most enjoyable moments for me of this Boruto series.

If you are following Boruto series from the beginning you all must know that Sarada and Boruto don’t have a good relationship. So in this episode, as they were selected in one team Sarda tried to change up the things. Just because they are a team now they have to know how to work together. This episode was mostly focused on the changing tone of Boruto and Saradas relationship. I know they are not going to agree with each other’s terms completely but don’t forget that they are already the strongest team of ninja in their age group. Remember in hidden Mist Village arc when they both fought with the new Seven Swordsmen. Even they were not having a good relationship at that time, they were able to defeat the new swordsman with their good teamwork.

In the end, we got the New Team 7 if you all remember the Naruto series the Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke team know as the Team 7. As we know Sarada is inspired by Naruto (the Lord Hokage) she went to him after forming a team and asked him if they can get the title of new Team 7. It was all a tribute to the original series and I just loved it.