Boruto Episode 36 Preview- “Graduation exam, start”




After Watching the Boruto Episode 35, it is clear that the Episode 36 is going to be all about the Graduation Exams. But, at the same time there are few things that will make Boruto Ep-36 more interesting to watch.

During the last episode Suke, who was no one but Kakashi, came to interview students to know what they want to become. This was with a purpose to know how capable the current generation kids are. Also the fact that Kakashi is going to make the exams tougher for the kids to pass the Graduation exam, we really wonder what exactly he is planning.

In the preview, we can clearly see how the kids know what their Sensei’s will be plotting in their exam, but at the same time, we can see how all their planning comes to zero. Overall,  Boruto Episode 36 will be interesting to watch, as the spoilers are going to end finally & It’s clear that in this new episode we could see some new power that Boruto has. But it is still unexpected till the end.

What do you think about this episode? Share your thoughts in the comment below. Will curse Boruto’s mark will be shown in this episode? Let’s find that out in the upcoming episode.