What’s up everyone Boruto episode 36 aired last night and it was a good episode better than what we are seeing in past couple of episode. SO here is my Boruto Episode 36 review.

My Review

The emotion, the excitement I got from this episode was just like an uphill ride and nothing more. It was an amazing episode and I really enjoyed it. The episode was about graduation exam and it started with a written test. Now if you remember the original Naruto series and the part where they give a written exam like that was actually better than this in Boruto. The main purpose of the written test is to check the knowledge and the strategizing skills of an individual.

In Naruto series, the examination hall was tightly secured so that students can’t cheat but they used different techniques to get answers (basically cheating) without getting caught. Almost all of them succeed in strategizing and clearing the exam. In Boruto the security was lot loose and it was easy for most of them to cheat, it was like they didn’t focus on the written exam part. May it was just a genin exam and that’s why there was not that tight security.

But the second part of the exam was better than that. All the applicants have a plate-like thing placed on their body and if they broke it by any means they will be disqualified/failed that part of the exam. We also see Kakashi who is the proctor for this exam and the interesting this is that the bell test returned. As Kakashi said if you can stell this bell you will pass the exam. Not just the part but the entire exam. Seeing that bell hanging on Kakashi’s waist bring backs so many memories. Boruto was the only one who was fighting against Kakashi, trying to stell that bell. It was like the ultimate exam Kakashi uses to decide how strong his student is. In Naruto series, he used that bell test twice. What happens was expected, Boruto gets hold of those belts.

When it comes down to the whole episode it was a tribute to the original series regarding the exams is what I think. It was surely satisfying episode not as good as original series. But keep in mind that this Boruto anime series is not written by Masashi Kishimoto and that makes see why it feels like original but not as good as the original.