Boruto Episode 35 spoiler


The episode 34 of Boruto is aired and I didn’t get the chance to review it yet. I’m sorry for that but for all who wants to know what’ll happen next. I come with some spoilers of Boruto episode 35. They are more like prediction but still, you can say that they are spoilers. So if you are ready here are my Boruto Episode 35 spoiler.


The last episode was just a filler episode and same is expected from the next episode. But this time this next episode of Boruto will be little more interesting. You guys remember the parent’s teacher meeting that used to held when we were in schools. Well in the next episode we will be seeing the same thing. There will be a parents teacher meeting before the graduation exam. So that the teacher and parents can discuss the future of their kids.

If you were one of rebel type kid in the school who always makes the mess, for sure you must hate this meeting. We all know about Boruto how he is, I mean he is good in ninjutsu and other subjects but he always creates the mess in the class. For that reason, Boruto is afraid about this meeting. He is also afraid that because of the trouble he creates in the classroom, he is not on the right path of becoming a good ninja.

Later in the episode, he will we meeting someone and that person will help Boruto by giving some suggestion on his future. I’m not telling you whom he will meet, so you can enjoy the episode.