Boruto Episode 35 review


What’s up everyone, I’m back with another Boruto Episode review. The last episode was not so much fun and it was kind of boring episode and after waiting for a week here I’m with Boruto Episode 35 review.

My Review:

After a still and kind of boring episode now this episode 35 of Boruto is one of the nice episodes. The plot was on the Parent Teachers Metting before the graduation exam. In this, they were about to discuss students as a future Shinobi. Other than Boruto, we know what other kids want to be a Shinobi. But with Boruto, nobody knows what he wants to be even he doesn’t know it by himself yet. Though we can see that he want to protect everyone and he kind of holds good leadership skills but character wise he doesn’t know what he wants to be.

If you have watched the Boruto Movie you might know what he wants to be and whom he aspires to. But let just forget about that fact right now. At this time no one knows what he wants to be. In this episode, a new character named Sukae was introduced. His task was to interview children so that he can write a report on this. This era is the deciding era for Shinobis as young blood is not enthusiastic as before.

Other than that we also see Orochimaru in this episode, he is kind of a good guy for now. He goes right up to Naruto and it seems that they both are collaborating on something. He might be acting well for his personal reasons and I just can’t trust him. As you know if you have watched the episode my feelings towards Orochimaru are just same as Shikamaru expressed in this episode. But it’s okay as this collaboration is also helping Sasuke in a way.

We get to that Orochimaru is doing this as Naruto accept Mitsuki in his school. By the end of the episode, we see Orochimaru going to the Parent Teacher Meeting with Mitsuki. I wished that we could have seen that part but it didn’t happen. Seeing Orochimaru is kind of surprising as well as interesting at the same time. He is in Leaf village and this could be chaotic if civilians get to know about this. Especially if they get to know that Hokage is working with Orochimaru. Well, what can we say Orochimaru is a big name in the history of the leaf village?

Now at the end of the episode, we get another surprise. The Suke guy who was kind of a reporter was no one, but Kakashi. Seeing him was also amazing. I miss all of them and want to see them more often but its Boruto’s story we shouldn’t expect more.