Boruto Episode 34 spoiler


Have you seen the Boruto Episode 33 yet? If not then go and watch it. You can also read my review after that. Now in this post, I’ll be talking about things that we will be seeing in the next episode of Boruto. You can say it is a spoiler but it is more like a synopsis review for all the Boruto fans. So if you are ready, let’s begin with Boruto Episode 34 spoiler.



You what is the most important thing about our school lives? You may say the friends you make there but it is the memories that are more important. Friends will be there with you for a long time but the memories you make with them in your school we stay with you forever.

In the next episode of Boruto, we will be seeing the same thing. We will be seeing Boruto making memories before the graduation exam. As we see in the preview of episode 34, there will be graduation exam very soon. Which means after that they will be divided into groups and might not meet regularly. So basically Boruto plans a camping with his classmates. He told them that the phantom fish is the tastiest fish on the planet and gave everyone the idea to go on fishing.



What I think is that camping and fishing is just a way for him to make some new and final school memories with his classmates before graduation. Boruto is just like his father the only difference is that his father (Naruto) always tries to make friends while Boruto already got so many friends. Most of the episode this month felt like just fillers but they are just making their audience curious about what is next to come. An amazing arc is waiting for you, I know what it is but I don’t want to take the fun out of it by telling you all about the upcoming episodes. Though here is an image to make you curious and help you to stay excited about the episodes.