Boruto Episode 33 review


Title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 32 “”The Super Beast Scroll Slump!”
Release date:  16-Nov-2017
Original Maker: Masashi Kishimoto

Hey there everyone, what’s going on, another episode of Boruto has been aired earlier today and for those who are waiting for it here is my Boruto Episode 33 review.

My Review

This episode was kind of a filler episode. It started after the story of the Filed Trip arc. It was a filler episode but still, it was a good one and the reason behind this is that this episode was focused on another character and it was more like a character development episode.

This weeks episode was focused on Inojin and his struggle to draw. The episode was titled as “The Super Beast Scroll Slump!” but I think “The struggle of the artist” suits better. In this episode Inojin who is the son of Sai trying to use the Super Beast Scroll. For those who don’t know, Sia was the master of this Super Beast Scroll back from the Naruto’s story. He draws his jutsu on a scroll which later comes to life and helped him in his battles. Now in Boruto Inojin is trying to do the same but he was facing problems or may I say Slump while using the Super Beast Scroll, he basically doesn’t know the process of using this technique.

He doesn’t know how to use the technique but that doesn’t mean that he would stop. He draws a lot and tries to find out the way to use the technique. He draws so that when he learned the technique he wouldn’t have to draw as he already has the drawn characters. So he is planning for the future, once he learns the Jutsu he can use it in later on in his combat. Though he is facing a slump and because of it, he is kind of losing his motivation to draw.

After that we see an example of good parenting as Sai comes to help Inojin. Sia didn’t tell him how to do it but he showed him how he can achieve it. Sai takes Inojin to a kids art contest which was for younger kids. There he sees that Himawari’s drawing got the first place in the gallery. At that time Inojin though it was because Himawari is Naruto’s daughter. He completely missed what Sai want’s to show him, want’s to teach him. But then Sai said that you wouldn’t learn the Super Beast Scroll Jutsu until you find the difference between your and Himawari’s drawing.

Inojin was lacking the meaning in his artwork while Himawari’s drawing showed her feelings it was just like what an 11 year would draw but they have the feelings and that’s why she is at the first place.

Later in the episode, we see Inojin and Himawari become art buddies and Himawari showed Inojin about the meaning and depth of any artwork. By the end of the episode learned what Sai wanted to teach him and his artwork get’s over the slump he was facing. It was a very different episode and as being a writer I kind of faced the same slump before and because I can relate to it. I think it was the best filler episode of the series.