What to expect from Boruto episode 33


Next episode is going to title as “The Super Beast Scroll Slump”. The episode might be a filler episode and just from the title and Boruto episode 33 preview, we know what to expect from Boruto episode 33, it will be about Inojin, Son of Kai. It will be a character development episode and this time it will be Inojin’s character.

We haven’t seen him a lot in the series but whenever he comes I expect him to draw some big beast just like his father, But when he draws something it doesn’t seem anything like big and beast.

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Like his father, he got the artistic sense but his arts and drawing are different from that of his Fathers. He draws more like of cartoon character while his father used to draw the detailed designs like that in traditional Chinese scrolls. He is not exactly like his Father but he is still learning,

He tries hard but he was unable to draw like his father. In the next episode, he will be trying to use Super Beast Scroll to learn new things and become better. He will be drawing stuff in advance so that he can use them whenever he needs them but we have to see what will happen next. Also in the next episode, we might see the hint of upcoming challenge that will help Boruto become better.

Episode 33 of Boruto will be airing on next Wednesday till than enjoy your stay at GeekSnipper.