Boruto Episode 32 review


Finally, it comes to an end, all the action and mist village arc is over. The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation was just aired. So, here are my Boruto Episode 32 review.

Title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 32 “The Quest for Souvenirs”
Release date:  8-Nov-2017
Original Maker: Masashi Kishimoto

My Review

It was the simplistic episode in comparison to all the action that we were seeing in the past couple of episodes. It was basically the closing episode of mist arc, everyone was getting back on the ship to go back to their Hidden Leaf Village. The episode titled as “The Quest for Souvenirs”.

It was a very simple but I enjoyed it, though there was no link to the threat or twist or plot that we should expect in the future episodes of Boruto.

I wished that they have added something that will keep the viewers of Boruto engaged with the series. We get to see Shizuma and gang except Kagura looked in the tight security soundproof cells with almost no human interaction. All the New Seven Swordsmen were getting the punishment for what they tried to do but Kagura is not going to serve through the complete punishment. As he was manipulated by Shizuma, officials were sparing him but because of his participation in the plan and Shizumas gang, he will serve the minimal punishment. The episode was a closing episode for the Characters as well and we see Kagura trying to change himself to be a better person.

He gave a letter to Boruto in which it was written that he wanted to be like Boruto. It is good he thinks like that but I don’t think he should become like but because he is a brat, he is our hero and I like him but he is a brat.

Other than that in the entire episode Boruto was finding something from Hidden Mist Village so gave to her sister as a gift. In the start of this arc, Boruto promised Himawari that he will bring something for Himawari from Hidden Mist Village as a souvenir. In the end of the episode, he finally gets his hand on cadies from Hidden Mist that he later gave to her little sister.

It was a simple but fun episode the only thing I missed was the link, hint to the next villain or plot.