Boruto episode 31 spoiler


What’s up everyone, just a couple of days more, episode 31st of Boruto will be releasing this Wednesday. Yes, Wednesday, there is still time for it against and if you know me then you must know that I can see things that most of you can’t. Today I’ve seen the preview of Boruto episode 31, that was aired by the creators of Boruto and it seems pretty promising. So here are my Boruto episode 31 spoiler.

Spoiler/ My prediction

Boruto is just like his father, he won’t leave his friends behind and that’s why we are going to see the continuation of Boruto vs Kagura in the next episode of the series. As we saw in the last episode Boruto is not trying to fight back Kagura. He is just trying to save Kagura from by fighting against his will which is controlled by Shikamaru’s dirty mind. Our hero is not able to find any good way to rescue Kagura from Shikamaru’s Guilt. But not for long as Mitsuki is carrying something that’ll change things around them.

This school trip is coming to an end and to be honest, this trip is going to teach a lot to our hero and we already saw what Sarada learned from this. I know what this scroll contains but for the sake of this amazing series I won’t tell you what it is.

Now I can do a little prediction and if gets real then I won’t be feeling bad like I spoiled the episode for you. After all, I’m just predicting which means I’m telling you what I believe we are going to see in the next episode of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

So, first of all, I believe Mitsuki will come in between Boruto and Kagura’s fight then he will beat some ass. Later he will pass the scroll to Boruto and this scroll might contain the secret that “how the 4th Mizukage was being controlled by Tobi/Obito”. If that is what the scroll is containing then won’t be any problem for Boruto to help his friend. I hope you all know what was happened in the Naruto series because this is a reference to the Naruto’s story.

Now I’m not saying this is what we are going to see in the next episode but there are some pretty strong chances of this happening.

So now you might know what we will be seeing in the next episode or at least you have something good to talk on Baruto with your friends.