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After watching the last episode I can conclude that Boruto is going through its filler episodes phase. Still Boruto series refuses to get boring, last episode of Boruto, episode 27 was kind of boring until its end. In the end of the episode, we get to see some dark things that are going in the Hidden Mist Village. To be precise in the last episode Shizuma Hoshigaki killed off an unexpected team member of his. According uto the set of new synopses, if Shizuma succeeds in this plan then he will be capable to revive the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. And we all know what we happen if he succeeds. Weekly Shonen Jump issued a new Boruto summaries and the synopses for the upcoming episodes 28. So, if you want to know about Boruto episode 28 spoiler just keep on reading.

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Some things about upcoming episode 28. (Beware of Spoilers)


The Weekly Shonen Jump gives fans a heads up about Shizuma’s plans by providing a summary and synopsis of the upcoming episode. After reading the spoiler I get to know that Boruto Episode 28 is going to be titled as “A Declaration of War,” will going to show Shizuma revealing his dark plans he has for the Mist Village.

According to the synopsis of episode 28, Shizuma and the friends he has come together and unsatisfied with this new and peaceful era of Ninja world, to satisfy themselves they are seeking to revive the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist so that the can world become a war-land once more.


If you are reading this article and you don’t know about the Seven Swordsman of the Mist then my friend there is so much you need to know. This group of Seven Swordsman was introduced when Zabuza Momichi appeared in the Wave Country arc of Naruto series. Also, If you remember Kisame from the Akatsuki, he was also the part of Seven Swordsman as he was having Samehada. But that was all in Naruto series.

Currently, in Boruto, the Sixth Mizukage of Chojuro can also wield one of the swordsmen’s weapons. After the Great Ninja War this organization is reinstated in the Mist Village, but this time it doesn’t consist of rouge ninja and that’s why they are no longer deemed to be a terrorist group.


By reading the synopsis of Boruto episode 28, I’m surely getting excited. Though I have to wait till next Wednesday before giving my review.