Boruto episode 28 review



Title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 27 – AA Declaration of War!
Release date:  11-October-2017
Original Maker: Masashi Kishimoto

Watching episode 28 of Boruto did give me the goosebumps, starting to give me the flashbacks of Naruto and how he cares for everyone. Old memories were getting back and it felt like Naruto is trying to save Gara. Come on you guys know I’m a super fan of Naruto and that’s why the start of this episode gave me goosebumps. Though at the end I was like why it ended too soon. I know my words might be confusing you. So let me just start from the start of Boruto episode 28 review.

My Review

Finally Kagura made-up his mind to take Twin-Sword, and become the seventh swordsman. By writing the spoiler I already knew what I’m going to see. But to be honest it was better from what I was expecting. I was expecting Shizuma to reveal his dark plan, but not in this amazing way. As there was not just Shizuma but other five swordsmen were also there to declare the war.

It was all happened when Kagura called Boruto to show his legendary sword, before anyone else. Unfortunately, Shizuma invaded and tried to brainwash Kagura’s mind about peaceful future and then tries to kill Boruto (Son of Hokage) in order to start a war.

He was successful in changing Kagura’s mind and now he is with Shizuma and other Swordsmen but he wasn’t able to kill Boruto as Kagura refuses it. And Shizuma left Boruto beaten up as a war declaration. Later Boruto who was fainted was rescued by Sarada.

Also, we get to know why Kagura was scared to wield the sword, it was not because it killed his friend during a bout. It is because it got outraged and about to kill his friend by Shizuma came in between and gets a big cut on his chest. It didn’t kill him but leave a big scar on Shizuma’s check, which he now uses as a weapon to make Kagura feel guilty and make him do what he want’s to do. Kagura feels guilty to do that to Shizuma, especially when Shizuma promised him to protect him from everyone. Shizuma certainly was planning for the worst by doing little good but that is the reason why Kagura can’t refuse Suzuma.

Now Boruto is planning to save Kagura rather than telling his sensei about all the action that he is facing. It was giving me flashbacks of Naruto. Other than that someone is waiting to make a move and that will be going spice up the things in Boruto. We also get to see some new action from Boruto like “Boruto Stream”. Waiting for more to see.

The episode was very interesting and I wish next episode will be the same. I already did a spoiler post so if you want to read it click on the link below.

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