Boruto episode 27 review

Title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 27 – A Shinobi bout of Friendship-
Release date:  4-October-2017
Original Maker: Masashi Kishimoto


Episode 27 of Boruto is out and it was kind of what I described in the spoiler a few days back. Surely it was not like what I think it would be but it wasn’t. So let me just start with my Boruto episode 27 review.

My Review

In the last episode, we saw Denki got kidnaped and continuing from where they left in the series. We see Boruto and the boy gang rushed to go and save Denki. I described the fight scenes in my spoiler post and the actual fight was a little less from what I expected. Boruto used his complete power neither did Kagura. Though I wanted to see them using least one of their ability.


In episode 26, we get to know about lots of this, in this episode the main focus was Kagura’s past. He is the grandson of fourth Mizukage and the blood of the fourth Mizukage still flows in him. He avoids using his sword because when he uses it he becomes a different person and he sure did have a bad past. He killed his classmates during the bout, he went out of control and lost his conscious and when his get back to his senses everyone was lying and blood is all around. Since then he decided that he won’t use his sword.

Kagura thinks he is guilty of his grandfather’s sins. Boruto is kind just like his dad and want’s to save everyone that’s why he tried to make Kagura better. Now, this episode is named as “A Shinobi Bout of friendship“. Now the shinobi bout is a game that we find all of them playing after saving Denki and hearing about the past of Kagura. During this game, Kagura felt that they are not treating him like a bad person instead Boruto said that they are friends. Boruto also tells him that what his grandfather does most do affects you, “you are you and I’m me”.


In the end, we got to see the dark side of Hidden Mist village noting is clear just yet but something is cooking. Let’s see what they show us in the next episode till then feel free to tell me if I missed something or if you wanted to ask/share something.