Boruto Episode 25 Review


Title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 25 – A Turbulent School Trip
Release date: 20-Sept-2017
Original Maker: Masashi Kishimoto


Okay, so we have reached to the episode 25th of Boruto. As in the last episode, we got to see the Five Kage Summit. By the end of that episode, they were ending about the danger that is rising and something else that we didn’t know until today. So here is the review of Boruto Episode 25.

About This Episode

Just in the beginning of this episode, we see our Naruto sitting in the principle’s room. And get to know that Naruto has arranged a field trip for the students outside the Hidden Leaf Village. This year it is going to help in the Hidden Mist Village, which you knew also known as the “Blood Mist Village”.



But still, the episode seems more like a filler episode. Nothing special has happened, Boruto was appointed as the leader of the field trip and this was an idea of Sarada in order to limit Boruto from making mistakes. I was expecting this episode to be dark just because this episode involved the name of Hidden Mist Village which had a quite dark past. Though as the Boruto and gang reached to the Village, the scene of completely different. Thier Village seems to be more developed and modernized and there was no sign of their dark past. They were welcomed at the port by Kagura Kagatachi apparently he is going to be guiding Boruto and gang.

Everyone seems to be excited when they entered in the Village. But the character who mostly seems to stay alone, Iwabe seems to know about the past of Hidden Mist Village and did not trust their village on arrival. By the end of this episode, we got the hint that Mist Village must be hiding something, all these modern buildings are just some kind of cover-up. Boruto, Iwabe, and Denki ended up having a little quale with two bullies “Hasuka” and “Shizuma” from Mist Village and just, in the end, Sizuma mentioned their village as Blood Mist Village.

What We Might Be Seeing In The Next Episode

Now, I think Karura is going to be the one who was helping in hiding things about their Village, revolving Boruto, and Gang around the town and even let them sense that there is something not right. I’m excited about the next episode and I’m excited about knowing this Kagura.

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