Boruto Episode 136 Release Date & Spoiler – Going Back Home


Boruto Episode 136

After such a long battle, Naruto & Baruto finally managed to defeat Urashiki. But, is Urashiki really dead? To know that we need to wait for more episodes. In fact, Naruto & Boruto defeated Urashiki as the way they defeated Momoshiki. Episode 135 also brings an end to the Urashiki’s Arc. So what next? Therefore we are here to discuss Boruto Episode 136.

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Boruto Episode 136 Spoiler & Discussion

It is known that Boruto & Sasuke will have to go back to the present day. But what exactly is going to happen there is still a question. Leaving that, if we just talk about Episode 136, then we will see the final sendoff between Naruto & Boruto.

We might witness some emotional moments. At the same time, we should not forget about Sakura. In the preview we did saw Sakura coming to Sasuke with the paper. I guess she would be giving this to the present Sasuke.

It is sure that we will be seeing Boruto & Sasuke reaching the present Leaf village. Also, we will get to see what Boruto feels about Naruto now. This also will make Sasuke busy as now he & the leaf village knows that all the remaining Otsutsuki clans are against the Nine Tail.

Now, what action will the village take will be known in episode 137. To know we will have to wait for the 136th Boruto Episode to get release.

Do let us know what do you think about Urashiki. Is he still alive? If yes, then how.

Boruto Episode 136 Release Date

Talking about the release date of this episode, then it will release 15 Dec 2019. As we haven’t got any information on the episode to get delayed. But, if anything like this is going to happen, then we’ll update you here.

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