Boruto Episode 135 Release Date, Spoiler & More – Urashiki’s New Power


Boruto Episode 135

If you think that the battle between Urashiki & others is over, then you are wrong. There is a lot to happen in Boruto Episode 135. After watching the trailer for this Episode, we are sure that the intense fight is yet to start. There’s no doubt that Jiraya did something great back in Boruto Ep 134, but that is not enough for an Otsutsuki.

So what will we actually see in Boruto Episode 134? To find that out, keep reading below. Also, we request you to be part of this discussion.

Boruto Episode 135 Spoiler & Discussion

After watching the preview of Boruto EP 135 it is clear that we are going to see a new Eye power. It is definitely above Rinnegan or similar to it. Or can we say that it is somehow similar to Baruto’s Byakugan? It is somewhat green in color and it got activated after he opens his 3rd Eye.

On the other hand, Sasuke is getting recovered which means we might soon see him in the battle. On the other hand, Konahamaru & others are shown too. So, can we expect their appearance in the battle too? Or will they be heading to the Leaf Village to call for help?

After Sasuke gets consciousness, will he be able to take down Urashiki? All this will be answered in Boruto 135. But, we are quite sure that, Sasuke will appear by the end of the battle in this Episode. Which means we will see Sasuke & all fighting Urashiki.

Does this mean that Urashiki will be dead in this Arc? Well, it looks quite obvious. Hence, we request you to share your thoughts on it.

Boruto Episode 135 Release Date

As of now, we are expecting this episode to get released on 15 Dec 2019. But, in case if there is any delay, then we will inform you here. So do bookmark this page to get a regular update on Boruto Ep 135.

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