Boruto Episode 134 Spoiler & Release Date – How Will Boruto & Naruto Stop Urashiki?


Boruto Episode 134

Boruto Episode 133 really got delayed & we saw how Jariya & Sasuke has a plan. At the same time, we saw Naruto to come up with a plan to master their combination Jutsu. Talking about Boruto Episode 134, it is titled as “The Power To See The Future.” Also, the reason is that Urashiki has the vision to see the future. So, we are here to discuss about Boruto EP 134.

Boruto Episode 134 Spoiler & Discussion

If we see the preview of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 143, it is clear that there is no such Jutsu that can see the future. It just that, his Rinnegan has the ability to see or analyze the attack just before someone attacks him.

This Episode is fully going to be about Urashiki vs Naruto, Boruto, Sasuke & Jiraya. But, the challenge they will have to face is getting his futuristic Jutsu an end. The only way possible is to attack Urashiki from different directions at the same time.

This can be seen in the Preview that Everyone has a plan & also we see Jariya using his Summoning Jutsu. Which means we will soon seethe Tode. Also, when it comes to Future Jutsu, it means that Urashiki needs to have a vision of what is going around him. Now, the only thing they have to do is to diversify Urashiki’s vision so that they can attack him.

Not only that, we still are not aware of what did Sasuke & Jiraya had planned. We think that we might get to know about it soon. Also, are we going to see Boruto & Naruto combine Jutsu in this episode is still a question?

So, do share your thought on Boruto Episode 134. What do you think will happen?

Boruto Episode 134 Release Date

We hope that there is no Delay on Boruto Ep 134. If the Episode is released on their official time, then it will release on 1 Dec 2019. To know more about the release date of this episode, follow this article regularly.

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