Boruto Episode 132 Spoiler & Release Date – Boruto & Young Naruto’s Combined Technique


Boruto Episode 132

In this Urashiki’s Arc, we see things getting interesting. First, they did time travel and wen to the past. After watch Boruto Episode 131, things are getting more interesting. Sasuke and Jariya together managed to escape Naruto from Urashiki.  At the same time, Jiraiya was shocked to see Biruto’s Rasengan. In fact, this makes the Boruto Episode 132 interesting. Therefore, here we are going to discuss about what we can expect in Boruto EP 132 & will also discuss about the release date.

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Boruto Episode 132 Spoiler Discussion

After watching Boruto 132nd Episode Preview, it is clear that Jiraiya is going to train Boruto & Naruto. After watching Boruto’s Rasengan, Jiraiya figured that he is a wind type user. Now, Jiraiya’s plan is to train Naruto & Boruto together.

This is definitely good for Boruto, but the outcome we will see from their training is exciting. What I believe is that Jariya will manage to create a new Jutsu using Boruto’s escape Rasengan with Naruto’s. In fact, this is what everyone is actually willing to see.

Also, one thing is sure that the 132nd episode is not going to involve Urashiki. In fact, this entire episode is going to highlight the training between Naruto & Boruto. This will really be excited to see how both of them will get together to create an ultimate Jutsu. At the same time, we will see Sasuke investigating Urashiki’s next movie. By the time Urashiki attacks, Sasuke will restore his chakra. Also, Jariya will put sealing Jutsu in everyone.

So, one thing is clear that Urashiki will be going through a lot of trouble now. So, do let us know what you think about Boruto’s next episode.

Boruto Episode 132 Release Date

As of now, we haven’t heard about any delay about this episode. This means you will be Boruto Episode 162 on 10th Nov 2019. If you come across any delay do let us know in the comment below.

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