Boruto Episode 131 Spoiler & Release Date – Finally Urashiki Meets Young Naruto


Boruto Episode 131

To be frank, the last 2 chapters were not that interesting. That’s why I did not cover the episode 130. Now, talking about the upcoming episode that is Boruto Episode 131, we now see Urashiki arrival in the past leaf village. Now the young Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto are facing Urashiki. Which means that we are finally going to see action. As we all know that Urashiki is behind Naruto’s Nine tail and what else is going to happen in Boruto Episode 131 is what we are going to discuss here. So, let’s see Boruto EP 131 Spoiler and its release date.

Boruto Episode 131 Spoiler

When we talk about Urashiki, we all know that he is there to extract Naruto’s Nine tail chakra. What’s the positive point here is that we have Sasuke with him. But, when we look in the preview, it becomes clear that Naruto is going to get captured. As the nine tail chakra is a lot to absorb, which means Urashiki is going to take Naruto away.

Not only that, Jiraiya was supposed to be there for Naruto’s training. Which means we might see his appearance after Naruto is captured. We have also see that Sasuke and Jiraiya went to Urashiki’s hideout to get Naruto back. This brings us a question if Jiraiya would get to know who they really are.

Apart from that other thing which is more important to discuss is how would Boruto & Sasuke will get back to the present day? One thing is sure that this fight will not end in Episode 131. In fact, this Arc is expected to end in 2 episodes.

So what do you think about Boruto’s EP 131? Do let us know your expectation about this episode in the comment below.

Boruto Episode 131 Release Date

As of now, there is no delay in this episode. This means, Boruto 131st Episode is going to release on Sunday, which is 3rd Nov 2019. By any chance, if the episode gets delayed, we will update you here.

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