Boruto Episode 116 Release Date & Spoiler, Synopsis- Konahamaru Meets Remo


Boruto Episode 116

From the last few episodes, we have been seeing a lot of Fillers and the same will go with Boruto Episode 116. But, this time the episode is going to be interesting. Konahamaru who have never been talked a lot is finally getting love in his life. This is where we will see Baruto making Konahamaru fall in love. Hence, here we are here to discuss this episode. If you want to know more about what is going to happen in Boruto Ep 116, keep reading our expected spoiler and know Boruto Episode 116 Release date.

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Boruto Episode 116 Synopsis

One Day, Boruto and Konohamaru save Yoimura Lemo, a young lady, which followed by someone. When Yoimura visits Leaf Village, tells that she’s there to visit Konoharu and sightseeing. Yoimura looks from a high profile community. wearing extensive hair ornaments. She decides to tell Konahamaru about everything. After hearing Lemon’s story, Boruto and Konohamaru decide to escort. They give some important information and guidance.


Boruto Episode 116 Spoiler

The preview for this episode it is clear that Konahamaru is definitely going to get some awkward moments. One side is Remo who looks like to like Konahamaru. On the other hand, Konahamaru is pretending that his love is his Ninja way.

Boruto and Konahamaru are going on a mission to take care of Remo. Also, Remo looks like princes of a Village whose life is in danger. On the other hand, she wants to fall in love with someone. After meeting Konahamaru she feels like if he is the man of his life.

The entire episode is going to talk about relationship and love. Boruto, on the other hand, will be doing his stuff, i.e. making things complicated for others. We might see some more fillers, but this one is going to be an awesome one. Let us know your thought on our expected spoiler. You can share your thought on Boruto’s 116th Episode.

Release Date:

The good thing about Spoilers is that they never delay. Same goes with this episode, which means Boruto Episode 116 release date will be 21st July 2019. Which is the next day of Boruto Manga Chapter 36. If there is any update or delay on the schedule, we ill update you here. Also to know more about Boruto and other Anime, keep following us.

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