Boruto Episode 113 Release Date and Spoiler – Shikadai Nara’s Most Important Day


Boruto Episode 113

Boruto Episode 112 was definitely a filler and filler means Character development. Now, Shikadai is the Captain and will be leading Baruto and others. On the other hand, no one is aware of their Captain. This definitely means that Boruto Episode 113 is going to be a bit hilarious. Also, if you are reading this, then you definitely are searching for Boruto EP 113 Spoiler or Release Date.

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Boruto Episode 113 Spoiler

In Baruto Episode 113 preview, it’s clearly shown that Shikadai’s new team will be on a mission. Above all, It is clear that the Episode is to develop Shikadai’s character as a captain. Whereas, Boruto, Iwabee Yuino, and Wasabi Izuno is Shikadai’s first team.

It is quite clear that the team is going in an S-Rank Mission, which means, by the end of Boruto Episode 113, we are going to see some action. Also, we expect that the mission is going to be no easy for Shikadai. I personally am waiting to see the reaction on everyone’s face.

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Now, coming to the spoiler, Shikadai’s new team member will be going on a mission to find a rare flower. The challenge is that the flower only blooms for a very short period of time and they will have to find and bring that flower. While the mission looks simple, they will fight against each other to see who will bring the flower.

Also, another concern they have that a nefarious Person might appear to get the rare flower. Now, will Shikadai’s new team member will succeed in the mission, is what the whole Episode all about.

Boruto Episode 113 Release Date

Baruto Episode 113 release date in on time. Not as compared to Boruto Maga that is now become Monthly (Source). Which means, you can watch Boruto Epsidode 113 on 30th June 2019.

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